Volvo Club of BC Articles Index


This page will feature an index of Articles written in the interest of Volvos or the Club. These articles do not fit into the other categories of Previous Events, Technical, or Member Profiles.

All about the VCBC Express
A 1971 145, one of only two known in North America More...

Volvos in Motorsport
Mission Raceway Park, Vintage Race Weekend.

Vancouver Island Scene
Long-time Vancouver Island Volvo specialist Chapman Motors. More...

Winter Trip to X-Ray Auto in Seattle
Gregg Morris writes about his very interesting trip to X-Ray Auto, February 2005. This article taken from our May 2005 newsletter. More...

Volvo Does it All For You
An interesting look at safety features throughout the years. More...

New Old Vintage Racer Surfaces in Vancouver
Mike Stacey of Targa Motors in North Vancouver noticed a Volvo PV 544 vintage race car advertised for sale on the website of the VARAC (Vintage Automobile Racing Association of Canada). Mike is an enthusiastic and skilled vintage racer and is usually seen racing his super fast formula V. Read more..

Express Island Tour 2004
The Club Express goes on a tour of Vancouver Island, visiting a number of Volvo service garages along the way. Many of you have seen the bright blue 145 Express at various club events. As a bit of background it was bought a few years back by several club members and is undergoing a continuing process of rebuild and restoration by the current owners - Gregg Morris, Dave McAree and Bob Cuthill and a host of behind the scenes supporters and contributors.
Read the tour.

Rare Jensen Interceptor For Sale - (the humour section)
Here is a very humourous ad that appeared (we are told) on an internet auction site.
Have a laugh.