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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Submitting and editing ads on Google Sites has proven problematic for many. There are idiosyncracies associated with submission and editing that are not intuitively obvious. Therefore VCBC is offering a new service in which ad details may be sent to Gregg Morris at grmorris<at> Gregg will screen them and then they will be posted.

In September of 2010, we made changes to how our classified advertisements will be created, managed and displayed. Ads are now entirely self-managed using Google® Sites. Members are now able to post their own ads, edit them as necessary, and delete them when finished. This will greatly increase the response time and allow us time to focus on other development work.

All new ads will be posted to the Google Site page. A link is posted here on the legacy Classified Page on the Club web site. Ads will be visible to everyone and anyone, but only members will be able to edit them. Club members wishing to post ads will need to apply to join the Site Group. This one-time application must first be verified by one of the list's managers. Club Members can apply to join the Group immediately, even if the member does not currently have any advertising.

Editing advertisements is relatively straightforward and display similarly to the old page. Instructions and rules of engagement are given on the Google Site Page. If we have overlooked anything, please drop us a note and we will be sure to clarify the instructions.

Please take a moment to locate and study our Google Site Pages and feel free to apply to join (you will see the Sign In link to join at the bottom of the page once you follow the above link) the Google Group whenever you wish.

Kind regards,

VCBC Web Team

Classified Ads now listed on Google Sites .

If you wish to submit an advertisement, please see our Submission Page for full details. Dates are shown immediately following each entry. Those entries from the newsletter are shown with "NL". Due to the proliferation of spam and in consideration of our members, we have stopped entering email addresses as hyperlinks. Further, some email addresses are encrypted using the word "at" inside of parentheses (or equivalent {!t}, (+@), <+> or something obviously unrecognisable) in place of the "@" symbol. For example, may show as abc(+) If you wish to correspond with any of the advertisers using email, you will have to copy the address and replace the "(at)" with "@".

Please see our warning page about potential scams anytime you advertise on the internet!