PV Festival July 15-17, 2005

"Attention!!" PV444/544/445/210 owners

There will be a choice of camping or hotels/motels, Friday reception, Saturday banquet, door prizes, peoples choice awards, group picture, beautiful drives in the Mount Washington area and of course, lots of PVs.
NOTE! Hotel accommodation in Bellingham will be limited due to a Legion convention the same weekend. Please visit Steve’s website for a list of accommodations and make your reservations now! Call Steve 360-733-3568 or Gregg if you have trouble finding a room.
Also help Steve by sending in your meet registrations soon!

Get your PV ready for this summer's PV-only fest right on our doorstep. Steve Hutchens of Bellingham, Washington, is organizing and hosting an event celebrating these great old cars the weekend of July 15-17, 2005. Steve is a VCBC club member and attends lots of our events. This year his red 1964 544 was with us at Volvos in Osoyoos and Cate's Park and in recent years has also appeared at Docksteader's Garage Sale and the Spring Run to Lillooet. Steve is a semi-retired marketing professor at Western Washington University in Bellingham and has owned Volvos since 1961. He has had his 544 since 1966. Steve is also afflicted with an interest in old Morgans, with a restored 1962 +4 4-Seater and two Morgan restoration projects in various states of disassembly decorating his well organized shop.

Steve mentioned his idea for the PV fest shortly after this summer's Volvo's in Osoyoos meet and I heartily approved. As you know I am pretty well smitten with these humpy back beasts myself.

A printable flyer for this event can be found here: [pdf, 252 kB].

Although plans are still being formed, here is what Steve has in mind. The entire weekend will be informal with an emphasis on driving, socializing, eating and relaxing. The event will start from somewhere in the Bellingham area on Friday evening with a picnic. The plan is to have a site where participants can have a choice of camping out or staying in a nearby motel. Saturday and Sunday will both include short scenic tours with the longer of the two on Saturday. Drives through the local countryside may include the Mt. Baker Road, Mosquito Valley Road, etc. There will be stops at interesting locations and meals in interesting restaurants. There will be opportunities for short walks and perhaps a bit of shopping. The event is being organized so that participation will be flexible - you can participate in any part of the event that your time schedule allows, Friday evening and/or Saturday and/or Sunday.

All costs will be on a pay as you go basis. Most importantly there will be lots of time for socializing with other owners and enthusiasts. Steve plans to have a registration form for the event with a nominal registration fee of $20 (Canadian or U.S.) to defray some of the expenses and so he can get a grip on how many will attend. He is putting this event on himself and there is no specific club affiliation, although we heartily support the endeavour. Registration forms will be available from Steve, and at various Volvo related businesses, and on Steve's website at www.creighton.edu/~hutchens/cars/volvo.html. I will have copies as well.
Now all you PV owners, this is our chance to get more of these cars in one place than anywhere outside of Sweden. If your PV is not currently running, what better incentive to get it on the road than a PV party. It will be great fun. I encourage you to make contact with Steve at his home phone 360-733-3568 or email sphutchens@yahoo.com. I am sure he would appreciated help or ideas as well.

There are probably more PVs in the Pacific North West than anywhere else outside of Europe so pass the word to all you PV owning acquaintances and lets make this a unique and memorable occasion.