Vancouver Island Chapter

Phoenix Farm Show and Shine

May 18, 2003

A big thank you to all the island members who came out Sunday 18 May and supported the Second Annual Island Show and Shine. Last year's show was back to back with Docksteaders Garage Sale on the first weekend of May. Your island organizers found it a very tight schedule so decided to move the island event back a bit. But the second weekend of May is Mother's Day - no way we could compete with that. So, in spite of the fact it was the long weekend, we went for the third Sunday.

The day dawned threatening, with some heavy dark clouds on the horizon. But as we set up for the meet things kept improving. Jim Monnastes said he was optimistic but he still kept the large tent up just in case we had to seek shelter later in the day. What is referred to in some circles as the "Club Car", the light blue 1971 Volvo 145 Express was first on the scene. This vehicle is thought to be a one of a kind in Canada and is jointly owned by four club members. It is up to collector plate status but the members are still doing improvements. The Express was housed in the Cuthill Garage for a month while Bob took his turn at some regular maintenance, repairs and a few upgrades. While on the island, the Express took part in the Show and Shine and visited Chapmans, Volvo of Victoria and Landsman Motors.

Rob Thornton and Stephen Freisinger were the first arrivals right on time at noon. Rob's V8 powered 77-244 was in the garage so he was reduced to driving the 82-242.The Kristensen's from Danica Motors drove down from Duncan and Byron Burns brought in a lovely red 62-544 from the north end of the Sannich peninsula. And neighbour Roland de Schepper had to leave his grey 1800 home but still came out to support us in his 85-245. Lars Junker from Victoria brought out a very nice 59-544 and one of my own neighbours, Rhys Kent drove his 65-122S. Not all the cars were old ones - Herb and Marg Hamlyn from the mainland were visiting up island and dropped in with their 01-V40 and Errol Thornton came down from Ladysmith with a shiny 940SE. Libby Hughes-Klokeid caught a timely ferry and came over from Saltspring Island in her 85-245, and who could miss Peter and Paula Landsman in that bright yellow 73-1800ES!

This year we even had some live music arranged by Jim Monnastes. A lot of good old tunes that most of us remembered kept our toes tapping (and a few ladies even dancing!?). Before we got into the pot luck BBQ, other arrivals included Victoria residents Colleen Barnes in a shiny black 98-S70T5, Heather Ashton and Eric Rome in their 85-245, Mario Poulit in his 65-122 wagon and Gary Pargee in a 92-740. Bryan and Aude Volsted cruised down from maple Bay in their 87-780 and just in time for the door prize draws, Don Scott in his 91-244. Of course the Cuthills were represented by Bob's 61-1800 and Lucy's 94-850. Bob's other vehicle, an old Chevy S-10, which was used to haul supplies was discretely parked out behind one of the Phoenix Farm out buildings. Our host for the day, Barb Belknap, driving a 67-122 wagon, did a wonderful job of laying out a great BBQ spread and keeping us fed and watered. But the award for the most uniqe Volvo must go to Bjorn Olsson. It is (was?) a Volvo but no one at the farm had ever seen one like it. For now we will just say truly unique and watch this space for future developments.

Including Jim Monnastes menagerie of Volvo machines stabled at the farm we had 31 cars in all - an excellent showing for the Island group. A large selection of door prizes were provided by Chapman Motors, Volvo of Victoria and Landsman Motors - many thanks for your support of our club actitivies. The Phoenix Farm show and shine is the first activity schedule for the year and is intended as much as a car gathering as a social event. And judging by the continued support, it looks like it will be an ongoing event. So much so that this year dash plaques were designed and distributed. And because we now intend this to be a regular event, dash plaques were also made up in arrears for 2002's First Annual Show and Shine and are being distributed.

I am sure all would agree it was a great start to the 2003 club activities on the island. We had a lot of new people this year as well as our regular supporters. Looking forward to future events this year and next year's Third Annual Show and Shine.