Cates Park Picnic 2004

September 26, 2004

As always, well, except for one year, the sun rose on Cates Park Sunday. Heck, it was even reasonably warm! Although Mike Handfield wasn't able to attend this year, his ability to provide us with sunshine on the last Sunday in September is legendary. Thanks again Mike.

With the help of many, including Rose, Marianella and Edith and Dave, went off without a hitch.

The usual suspects were there along with some new faces. We also had our friends from Washington State show as they always do. One attendee who always amazes me with his positive attitude is Bob Cuthill. There was Bob, getting out of his car and telling us that he had just been rear-ended at the ferry terminal by a commercial truck. I would have had the long face going, but not Bob. Hopefully Bob has gotten through the ICBC process unscathed and his car is even better than it was.

After the Annual General Meeting the raffle was held with lots of great shwag! Our sponsors and friends of the club really came through for us this year. The club directors would like to thank all of them: VCBC, Docksteaders, Volvo of North Vancouver and Volvo of Coquitlam, Scandia Motors, Ed Schram motors and "1800S-owning', Stanley/Proto representative Greg Wharry.

When the People's Choice plaques were handed out, we had a first time winner, Debbie and Robert Wanner and their grey 1968 1800S. Rob tells me that the car was a wedding gift to themselves. Great gift! They have had the car for 3 years now. When they bought the car it had 140,000 miles on the odometer, which they think is correct. Ten thousand miles, and lots of hard work later, they have a lovely car.

Rob says the car was painted about seven years ago and the interior is original. Well almost. He had the seats redone but more importantly, Deb and he redyed the car's original carpets while they were still in the car with toothbrushes! The interior carpets had greyed from their original red and Deb came up with the idea of doing the work themselves. Now that's a great relationship. Looks like the marriage could be a really long one.

Deb and Rob took the People's Choice runner-up and he was stunned. I told him he shouldn't be, but I know how he feels. The car Marianela and I own was voted People's Choice runner-up the first time I attended a club event, which was also Cates Park, ten years ago. I was stunned too. I was also stunned (okay, I am stunned often) this year when our 1800E won the People's Choice award. Since that original honour, our son's, Cooper and Austin have arrived on the scene. It was great for the boys to be there to see their precious "Goldie" win a prize.

All in all I think everyone had a great time and we will have to get Mike Handfield working on the weather for next year's picnic. Thanks to everyone who helped out at the meet and for all the generous donations to the food bank.