Vancouver Island Fall Colours Run 2004

October 24, 2004

It was a dark and stormy night.......but that's another story! In spite of the official government forecast for showers, this day, Sunday 24 Oct turned out to be a great day for cruising up the Island and taking in the fall colours. Oh well, you know what they say about weather forecasts from the government _ they are free and you get what you pay for!

Like last year, we convened at the CanWest Mall in Langford starting about 10am. It wasn't long before we had a very nice selection of Volvos and hot coffee in hand. First on scene of course was yours truly. Only this year it was in Lucy's cherry red 850 as Bob's 1800 was in the body shop recovering from being rear ended by a Semi (but that too is another story). Maureen and Bob Mitchell arrived in Maureen's pristine blue 240 while Roland and Lydia deSchepper brought the 245 so they could have enough room in the back for the dog. Rounding out the starting grid were three gorgeous 1800 ESs. Peter and Paula Landsman were first with a yellow one with tinted windows and sun roof. Almost a twin, Mike and Joan Tomczak arrived with a yellow one they had recently acquired in the States. And for variety Bjorn Olsson brought his shiny black one equipped with roof rack. As an added plus we were all pleased to welcome Bjorn's new bride Kjellaug.

As Bob and Lucy had had an extremely busy September and October, the route to Maple Bay remained the same as last year. Up the Malahat to the Shawnigan Lake turn off then a leisurely cruise along the back roads, re-crossing the trans Canada just north of Mill Bay to wend our way up thru Cowichan Bay to the outskirts of Duncan. Only a few minutes later we were descending the steep incline down to the shore in Maple Bay and the Brigantine Inn. There, holding our area in the parking lot, Bryan Volstad had his black Bertone 780 backed in. We all followed suite and it made for quite a line up. You'd have thought we were setting up for a concourse or something. Just before lunch we were joined by Aude Volstad in her bright red 850 and Henning and Monica Kristensen in a lovely 740T with a shiny new coat of paint.

Sitting 16 to lunch was fun. New folks to get to know, old acquaintances to renew, latest news and gossip to catch up with. We tried to get around to everyone but didn't quite make it. Even with a lunch that ran well past two hours.

How fast time flies when you are having so much fun. Too soon it was time for good-byes and out to the parking lot. It wasn't quite a LeMans start but I think some of the on-looking neighbours were starting to wonder. I think this is what this club is really all about - people. And the cars we drive are a wonderful common starting point. I hope we have as much fun next year.