2012 Show 'n' Shine

2012 Island Show and Shine

July 8, 2011

They say time flies when you are having fun. I think we are coming seriously close to having too much fun on the island. I find it hard to believe that 8 July 2012 was our tenth Show-N-Shine. We’ve had a great turn out at each meet and to top it all off, we have also had some great sunshine.
Want to be a Volvo
Early paricipants.

This year with a total of 18 vehicle in attendance, we saw a wide variety of cars, from Pete Sharples’ 57 544 which he drove down from Qualicum Beach area, Bill Paitson’s immaculate 98 S90 down from Nanaimo. Peter Landsman’s 72 ES parked nose to nose with Lorne Knutson’s 73 made a lovely looking vintage pair. But I think it was agreed, judging by the votes for People’s Choice that it was the dueling duets, Olof Malmberg’s 58, and Lars Junker’s 59, in matching blue and white paint schemes that were the hit of this year’s show. Only one vote separated the two but it must have been the original roof rack on Lars vehicle that topped it off (so to speak). Also from up island way (Shawnigan Lake) were Chris and Marja Blasé in their 84 760 (which led the way on our mystery tour) and Henning and Monika Christensen from Duncan. A number of people spent a fair amount of time asking Mark Pacey about all the extra work under the hood of his 98 S70. I’ll save the details for another article, but suffice to say, when someone arrives with a laptop computer up and running on the passenger seat so he can dial in the desired performance, it does spark a lot of interest.

Dueling duets, Olof Malmberg’s 58, and Lars Junker’s 59.

A first time visitor this year was Jason Greenway in a 94 850 wagon. I initially spotted him parking off to the side of our unofficial concourse display. It took a little cajoling but I eventually convinced him to park on the grass beside Jill and Kaylee Bone’s 850. Jason felt his car, a daily driver, was not up to show status. But once I explained that the meet title of Show-N-Shine really meant “please show up and we will hope the sun will shine”, he didn’t hesitate to join in. Jason is also the proprietor of the newest Volvo shop in the area – Greenway Automotive is less than a half mile from the “Olsson Estate” in Saanichton, just north of Victoria.

Murray and Junkers
Peter Landsman's 72 ES parked nose to nose with Lorne Knutson's 73 made a lovely looking vintage pair.

Also in the “matched brace” category, we had two beautiful 123GTs belonging to Gordon Murray and Colin Macklock. And rounding out the field of GTs was Don Chambers in an 84 245. Don is well known to us for his bio-diesel conversions and I’m wondering if the 245 might be next in line.

Shortly after lunch it was time for some door prize draws. I called on the youngest member present, 4 ½ year old Kaylee Bone to make the first and very impartial draw. But she outfoxed me royally by drawing the number on the ticket in her own hand! Being so young it was a sure thing that no one could call foul on that one. So mom Jill got to pick the prize and Kaylee got to draw the next winner. We had a lot of support this year and only one or two had to go home without a prize. Thank yous go out to Volvo of Victoria for the People’s Choice plaque, VCBC for jugs of oil for those handyman oil changes, and a variety of other prizes from Olof Malmberg, Landsman Motors and Greenway Automotive. And of course, a big thank you to our hosts, Bjorn and Kjellaug for allowing us to parade our cars on the front lawn of what I affectionately refer to as the “Olsson Estate”.

All too soon it was time to commence the departures. But one of the Duets was delayed by a rough running engine on start up. Needless to say, there was no lack of mechanical advice to be offered and an impromptu tech session was soon under way. Sufficient repairs and/or adjustments were made and I received an email after supper that the Duet, although lacking some power, made it safely home. A successful ending to a very fun day.