About the Website


Welcome to the Volvo Club of BC website.

The Home Page features all of the same navigation as the rest of the site. This allows visitors to start at the Home Page and navigate to their next page much more easily.

Historically, the Classified section, Photographs and Events have drawn the most viewers. With the new site layout, the locations of these pages have been changed to allow subcategories and make each page shorter.

Browser Compatibility

It is important that a website be viewable with any browser (user agent) and that every browser renders each page correctly. We continually monitor the usage statistics of this website and keep track of the user agents commonly used for browsing. By far, the majority of users have Internet Explorer followed by Firefox as their user agent. While we strive to accommodate all visitors to the website, it is not practical to test every page on the website with every user agent and every operating system. If you experience any trouble with page rendering, please do everyone a favour and report the difficulty to us so that we can take corrective action to ensure that the website is able to provide the same level of service to all viewers.

Please see Contact page to find out how to contact the webmaster.


This website makes extensive use of Cascading Style Sheets both for appearance and layout. If you have an older browser, it may not render pages as intended. Nevertheless, full content should still be accessible. It is advisable to make certain that you have the most up-to-date browser available. While older versions such as Internet Explorer 5.0 are technically compliant, they do have some shortcomings and may have trouble with page layout. Nevertheless, the pages should still be readable.

Font Sizes

To the greatest extent possible, all of our pages make use of re-sizable fonts. For those reader who wish to change the text size on their screens, this should be possible by selecting View >> Text Size on both Firefox and Internet Explorer and then selecting the appropriate choice.

File Size and Transfer Speed

The downside to this new layout is that the file sizes are marginally larger, resulting in slightly longer download times for users of dial up connections. However, some of the longer pages have been broken into smaller bite-sized pieces, so these pages will load slightly faster. Viewers using high-speed connections should not notice any difference in loading speed.


In accordance with the international date format, all dates expressed in short form use the ISO 8601 date format (yyyy-mm-dd). The use of time of day is typically less structured and sees a variety of formats, the most common being 12-hour AM/PM.


As always, we welcome your feedback on any part of the site. We encourage submissions from our members whether written or photographic.

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