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  • Looking for a set of 16" Volvo hydra wheels, with or without tires at a reasonable price. Volvo Hydra Wheel Email Chris at: Will pay cash or 122/142 parts as partial trade. [2010-09-06]
  • Wanted: Volvo V70 or S70 or V50. Manual Transmission a requirement. Location North Battleford SK, radius 800 km. Contact Dave Whitehead, [2010-05-15]
  • Want to buy 2 door Volvo sedan 240 series with fuel injection and manual transmission. Could also be turbo charged. Must have sound body and factory paint on all panels (faded is OK). Can repair/replace normal wear and tear items. Must be drivable. Vancouver area. Please contact jardine9@vcn.bc. [2010-04-05]
  • Wanted nice shiny straight front bumper for 122 (with over rider bar if
    possible) Contact Phil: volvo(at)shaw(dot)ca [2009-07-08]
  • WANTED: 1958-65' P544 B18/20 VOLVO IN RESTORABLE CONDITION OR IN GOOD CONDITION. Send email pictures if possible. thanx. ps reasonable price! Robert A. JAMES, 1-250-334-2261 Jamesrobt (*) [2009-02-01]
  • Wanted: 145 rear quarter glass L+ R side plus rubber seals. Contact oliverzentner<@> or call 604 339 7762. [2008-11-22]
  • Looking for 4 used snows for a 98 850 Turbo. Phone 604-557-9028 [2008-09-24]
  • Looking for a diesel volvo in great running condition. We would prefer a 245 wagon but a 4 door sedan would be fine as well. Please contact michelle at mawesanko{at} [2008-08-08]
  • 1966 122S in driveable condition. Four door preferred, but 2 or 4 door models from '64 to '67 OK. Call Robert at (250) 752-7513, Cell 1-888-333-5265 or robertgmiller(at) [2008-01-06]
  • Wanted 1 or more "Laguna" wheels formerly sold by ipd. Minilite replica style manufactured by Mille Millia in Italy size 5.5J15. 140, 1800E, or 240 bolt pattern. Model number is GBO.09, I will consider any similar minilite replica wheel., Gregg 604-469-1216