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Links to North American Volvo Clubs

Volvo Sports America
VSA is THE car club dedicated to the Volvo P1800, including S, E, and ES models. The club also supports Volvo's various other models from the PV444 through the Amazon, 140, and 160 series. You can find their club news here.

Volvo Sports America - Puget Sound
The car club in Washington for owners of classic Volvos. PSVSA wants you as a member!

Volvo Club of America
The Volvo Club of America (VCOA) is a national organization of owners and enthusiasts of all Volvo models, from the historic through the latest offerings.

Puget Sound Chapter of the Volvo Club of America
The Puget Sound Chapter of the Volvo Club of America is for Volvo owners and enthusiasts. We sponsor tours and events in Western Washington and work closely with other Pacific Northwest Volvo Clubs planning events and attending each others meets.

Canadian Volvo Club
The Canadian Volvo Club is a loose association of car lovers. The purpose of the club is to promote enthusiasm for Volvos.

1800 Register
This site is targeted primarily for 1800 owners. Calendar, technical, links, photos.

Volvo V70 Cross Country
The club for Volvo XC owners. Don't be fooled. As fancy as this site looks, it's not affiliated with Volvo Cars.

Volvo 1800 Pictures
The Volvo 1800 Picture Gallery is a website for Volvo 1800 enthusiasts with a mission to collect and display photos of remaining Volvo 1800's in any condition, from rust buckets to concours d'elegance.
This site also features a very detailed history of the 1800 - a "must read".

Classic Volvos and more
Classic Volvos and more.

The Saint
Dan Bodenheimer's account of the 1960's TV show, The Saint. You will find not only info on the series, but also lots of 1800 material of interest.

San Diego VSA