Technical Service Bulletin

Model 700/900
TP 30687/1 (ENGLISH); 01/86; POWERTRAIN

January 1991

Background: Takeoff vibrations at low speed, especially with high acceleration and/or heavy load can occur in some cases.

Solution: the level of vibration can be reduced by changing the vertical position of the enter support bearing. Best results differ from car to car. Start with a change of 6 mm upward. If results are not acceptable, try other positions using a variation of -5 mm downward to 12 mm upward from the ORIGINAL position.

NOTE: Check to ensure that if the vehicle is subject to the FUEL TANK CLEARANCE RECALL (SMR 23-23; May '90 - Recall 55), the required inspection and/or service have been performed prior to performing this repair.

IMPORTANT: The clearance between the driveshaft and fuel lines must be at least 20 mm. Clearance between driveshaft and fuel tank must be at least 16 mm. Final inspection must be performed at correct vehicle road height, with vehicle either on drive-on lift or on ground level. Shimming upward should not exceed +12 mm. After repositioning the center support bearing housing should not contact floor pan.

Moving upwards (0 to 12 mm)

Assemble M8 washers (or equivalent) between bearing housing and member. Use longer bolts.

Moving downwards (0 to -5 mm)

Assemble M8 washers (or equivalent) between member and body. Use longer bolts.